Pro Shop Mega Display Pack


All items have been selected for their performance and size. Designed not to disappoint including large display shellburst rockets, huge cakes and mega candle barrages. This awesome selection of display fireworks will create a superb show filling the sky with breathtaking colours, effects and thunderous noise. 
Save £201 off our already discounted prices! FREE BARRAGES included with this pack! 



  • 15 x Portifres 
  • 3 x Safety Goggles 
  • 3 x Ear Defenders 


Fire at random throughout

  • 4 x Super Show Rockets
  • 4 x Shell Head Rockets
  • 2 x Ultra Rockets
  • 3 x Three Finger Jack Mines

Suggested firing order

  • Knock Out – 25shot Cake
  • Bird of Prey – 25shot Cake
  • Sex Bomb – 36shot Cake
  • Kamikaze Kamuru – 30shot Big Bore Cake
  • Baptism of Fire 30shot Big Bore Cake
  • Blazing Storm – 50shot Cake
  • Purple Rain 30shot Big Bore Cake
  • Vortex Volley  – 64shot volleys of 4shot Cake
  • Soaring Eagle – 100shot Cake
  • Wolf Pack – 100shot Cake
  • Arrest Warrant – 72shot Fan Cake (Angled)
  • 2 x Ultra Rockets

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Weight 20 kg


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